Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Most Irresistible Duo

Tyrone Ezell (Pitt Football) & Mr. Salvatore
Streets of South Oakland

I am walking behind Tyrone when I see these two stop to shake hands and say hello to each other. This was perfect. The most opportune moment for quite possibly my dream post on here.

What is your favorite part about living in Oakland? 
Tyrone: The peace and quietness.
Mr. Salvatore: Yes, I agree. All the kids are great here, I know them.
Me [inside my head]: My college nights spent awake until 4 AM.....

How long have you lived here?
Mr. Salvatore: 63 years!
Tyrone: 5 years....

When I asked Mr. Salvatore about his name this was his response - Sal, Sal-va-tooooreeeee!

I know I've already done a South Oakland post, but I couldn't help myself - this was literally perfect. Two totally different worlds living in the same part of town. I've seen these them around before, and it was phenomenal to stop & get to know them a little more.

Peace, love, and happiness.

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  1. Hooray for Mr. Salvatore! I have noticed him many times in Oakland. Definitely the best dressed!