Sunday, July 21, 2013

Business in Shadyside

 Alex, Mercurio's Gelato & Pizza 
Walnut Street, Shadyside

I'm doing this post as a half business interest, half personal interest. Meet Alex, social media man for Mercurio's. Such a pleasure getting to know him & the business just a little more - also, they have thee best wood-fire pizza ever
Making me a wonderful latte

One piece of advice for someone moving to Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh is a very 'sections' town. If you're new, you're definitely going to have to explore it. (Yessss, exactly my thoughts)

So Mercurio's - tell me something about it: Well, we are all under 30. 
And anything else? Every once in a while, when we are having beers [after work] we like to harmonize... That's pretty cool.

Personal Statement: It's from my favorite author... (instead of saying it, his tattoo said it already. I dare you to know the author - great writer) 

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